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Katrina Jean Taylor is an internationally-renowned teacher, speaker and author. She developed the breakthrough energy healing method, the Direction Technique™. With two degrees and a diploma in teaching, she is also a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

Founder of Direction Technique™

Katrina Jean Taylor shares breakthrough energy healing method in new book

‘Focus for Direction’ presents 7 steps to self healing for emotional, physical, spiritual

PERTH, Australia — Author Katrina Jean Taylor is the founder of the Direction Technique™, a breakthrough energy healing method. In her new book, “Focus for Direction: How To Self-Heal And Find Your Own Answers” (published by Balboa Press), Taylor explains how to self-heal using intuitive energy through the Direction Technique.

After ovarian cancer took Taylor’s mother – a woman who lost her own mother to breast cancer – Taylor decided to seek answers to understand how to change the concepts of cancer and the concept of cancer passing on to future generations. In her book, Taylor exhibits how her method has proven useful when dealing with cancer as well as a multitude of other ills. She provides readers with an abundance of case studies and testimonials dealing with everything from anxiety to cancer to autism.

 “I want show the world how to self-heal, find your own answers and find direction in your life,” Taylor says. “You can be your own miracle.”

 “Focus for Direction” explains how the endocrine system and glands affect the body and Taylor’s method that she says gives one a way to use breath to self-heal. She provides readers with the seven-step technique she developed to heal emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

 “Focus for Direction”

By Katrina Jean Taylor

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452525518

E-Book | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452525525

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Focus for Direction - How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers

Katrina Jean Taylor

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Be Your Own Miracle Worker

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“Be Your Own Miracle Worker” ____________________________________________________________

What is the Direction Technique™?

Direction Technique™ is a spiritual healing technique that involves tapping into your intuitive energy to heal yourself. Developed by Katrina Jean Taylor, this breakthrough method of energy healing is effective, direct and focused. This new technique uses quantum energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels - cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual. This technique helps you speak with wisdom at the right time


Dolphin Energy Healing

Tap into the the Sound Vibrations of the Dolphins
Learn how to be your own seer

Speak with wisdom and at the right time

Half day workshop

A Total value of $540

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Lucia Pena
Texas, Montgomery, U.S.A
Speaking and Healing Event
7th Nov, 2015
La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa
Time: 8am-6pm

Lucia is an artist inspiring people to be creative
Lucia has a dream. That is to help people to learn emotional, physical and spiritual awareness. Lucia is organising this big event, activities include yoga, meditation, nutritional wisdom, music healing and The Direction Technique. One theme of the event is to learn ways to put yourself first and make that priority.
Lucia wants to share with others how it is possible to change, seek health, peace and heal,
"Our bodies speak to us through ailments, anger, sadness, depression and addictions. Many of the audience will be teachers and people serving God."
-Lucia Pena
Katrina Jean Taylor will be delivering a talk in the morning and demonstrating a Direction Technique healing in the afternoon.



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