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Katrina Jean Taylor is an internationally-renowned teacher, speaker and author. She developed the breakthrough energy healing method, the Direction Technique™. With two degrees and a diploma in teaching, she is also a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

Founder of Direction Technique™

Katrina Jean Taylor is an international spiritual healer, speaker, clairvoyant and teacher who can teach you to use your own intuitive power. Her ability to work with energy helps you identify and remove blocked energy in your life so you can move forward with stability. If you use energy wisely, then you attract positive energy into your life. During and after your healing, you are fully aware of how the healings have helped your body, mind and soul. Mental clutter is replaced with clarity and direction. You will receive personalized channeled messages, which will be effective and focused strategies to help you feel peace, find resolutions and happiness.

To use your intuitive energy wisely is to look within for answers, then you can change your perceptions to bring peace into your life. You will be taught how to use your own intuition to heal yourself and so you can take action to change immediately instead of years.

The breakthrough energy healing ‘Direction Technique’ takes you to your past, present and future to heal your body, mind and soul. You will develop strategies to move forward and train the neurons in your brain to take action, so you can change quickly instead of taking years. This simple technique teaches you to notice your saliva and recognize you are healing.

The difference with this healing technique is that people can learn to heal themselves by using the power of their own intuition. This will help you lead your life, fulfill your destiny and be in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Katrina offers these services to give you support, medical intuitive, angel reading, channel messages, clairvoyance, predictions, spiritual healing, shamanic healings, medium reading -speaking with souls that have passed, dolphin sound healing, balance your chakras and glands which is part of your endocrine system.

Katrina helps teenagers, children, parents, individuals, couples and business owners to bring harmony and peace into their lives.

 Her experiences has helped with work resolution and conflict, harmony at home and work life, life direction, cleaning negative energy, attracting abundance of positive energy, illnesses, future readings, finding direction, gives strategies for change, train neurons in your brain for effective healings, depression, clarity, clear fogginess, decision making, strategies to move forward, grief, developing intuition in children and adults, death, dying and peace: communicate 
with souls who have passed over.

Those souls call upon me to aid in the separation process between the physical realm and the spiritual realm

 Katrina has been all over the world meeting and training with ancient traditional healers, shamans and uses the power of these energies to heal others


 This new type of energy healing called the Direction Technique uses your existing intuitive energy to help with illness (and other things) which is completely safe, complements hospitals and doctor specialist medicine and is proven with case studies in published book, Focus for Direction-How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers.

 Some examples of case studies recorded are Blood/endocrine/brain disorders, cancer, autism, skin disorders, thyroids imbalances, viruses, fertility, anxiety, eating disorders, back pain, scoliosis, psoriasis and stomach problems.

 If your help your body rid grief from your cells at the right time, then you give it a chance to adapt, heal and move forward to create energy and positivity back in your life.


 Direction Technique™ is a healing technique that involves using your own intuitive energy to self-heal. This breakthrough method of energy healing is effective, direct, and focused. This new Direction Technique uses intuitive energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels: cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual.

It works on the endocrine system and stimulates vibrations within the body to produce the production of enzymes, hormones, and saliva, as well as activate energy. As founder of the Direction Technique, my aim is to share this knowledge so that you can retrain new neural pathways in the brain to change the molecular structure in the cells for healing. Training the endocrine system to use the brain creates vibrations in the glands so that the body can feel balanced.



  • Heal the Soul Within June 11th 2016
  • Using Your Intuition to be a Clairvoyant
  • Train Your intuition in Your Own Home On Line 
  • How Collective Thoughts Can Affects You-The Dynamics of Collective Consciousness
  • Communicating with Dolphin Healing Sound Vibrations


  • How to Hear Angel messages
  • How to Be An Accurate Medium
  • Body Anatomy Series: Align Your Glands
  • Body Anatomy Series: Regain Strength around viruses
  • Use Sounds to heal your body
  • Body Anatomy Series: Be your own Medical Intuitive
  • Shamanism
  • Heal and Communicate with Animals
  • Learn the breakthrough energy healing that is new to the world


  • Direction Technique Practitioner
  • Direction Technique Instructor
  • How to Work With Energy for Practitioners, Presenters in any Modality
  • How to Work With Energy for Yourself and Others Using Ancient Shaman Rituals


Hay House Radio interview with Katrina Jean Taylor

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Katrina Jean Taylor shares breakthrough energy healing method in new book

‘Focus for Direction’ presents 7 steps to self healing for emotional, physical, spiritual

PERTH, Australia — Author Katrina Jean Taylor is the founder of the Direction Technique™, a breakthrough energy healing method. In her new book, “Focus for Direction: How To Self-Heal And Find Your Own Answers” (published by Balboa Press), Taylor explains how to self-heal using intuitive energy through the Direction Technique.

After ovarian cancer took Taylor’s mother – a woman who lost her own mother to breast cancer – Taylor decided to seek answers to understand how to change the concepts of cancer and the concept of cancer passing on to future generations. In her book, Taylor exhibits how her method has proven useful when dealing with cancer as well as a multitude of other ills. She provides readers with an abundance of case studies and testimonials dealing with everything from anxiety to cancer to autism.

 “I want show the world how to self-heal, find your own answers and find direction in your life,” Taylor says. “You can be your own miracle.”

 “Focus for Direction” explains how the endocrine system and glands affect the body and Taylor’s method that she says gives one a way to use breath to self-heal. She provides readers with the seven-step technique she developed to heal emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

 “Focus for Direction”

By Katrina Jean Taylor

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452525518

E-Book | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452525525

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Focus for Direction - How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers

Katrina Jean Taylor

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Balboa Bookstore

Barnes and Noble 



Be Your Own Miracle Worker

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“Be Your Own Miracle Worker” ____________________________________________________________

What is the Direction Technique™?

Direction Technique™ is a spiritual healing technique that involves tapping into your intuitive energy to heal yourself. Developed by Katrina Jean Taylor, this breakthrough method of energy healing is effective, direct and focused. This new technique uses quantum energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels - cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual. This technique helps you speak with wisdom at the right time


How to Communicate With Loved Ones.

"Another amazing course presented by Katrina. This course gives you an even deeper understanding of the Direction Technique and furthers your abilities to heal yourself and your family. Being able to understand patterns in my family history has given me a greater understanding and compassion for my family and provided healing for myself as well. Thank you.Katrina this course is awesome."

Nicole Sheppard
Direction Technique Practitioner

"Another amazing course with Katrina. Communicating with your loved ones has taught me about the genetic patterns in my family and how I can heal these for myself and my family and then not pass them down the line to my children. All done in a loving, safe and supportive environment. Thank you"
Kylie Sheppard: Mum of very beautiful kids (Yay)

"I have refined my teleportation skills. Refining the clients energy is a lot easier. Cleaning and preparing their body for teleportation to be with their loved one has been helped b y previously completing the Endocrine course. These two courses together have shown me energy and meridian systems for energy blocks. I have heightened my psychic abilities by seeing colors with orbs (Loved ones)."


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