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What is the Direction Technique™?

Direction Technique™ is a spiritual healing technique that involves tapping into your intuitive energy to heal yourself. Developed by Katrina Jean Taylor, this breakthrough method of energy healing is effective, direct and focused. This new technique uses quantum energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels - cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual. This technique helps you speak with wisdom at the right time


Katrina Jean Taylor


Find direction in your life 

  • Improve physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Make better decisions in times of crisis
  • Using your intuitive energy to self heal


"Thank you for today Trina.. You are truly amazing person, your sessions are amazing.. In a matter of 3 hours after my session I was able to drive to Rockingham, email colleagues, pack and now chill out. Anxiety gone. I don't think I would of coped with going away. You are a special person xx"

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Founder of Direction Technique

Katrina Jean Taylor has 30 years' experience writing and delivering workshops in Perth, Australia and internationally

She has been working with energy healing and human consciousness for many years.Katrina is a leading medical intuitive who provides individuals with an evaluation of the health of their energetic anatomy system

She specializes  in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological and physical reasons why their bodies have developed an illness. She is the founder of the Direction Technique™. it is an effective tool to find the origins of any problem allowing the body a chance to heal

Katrina Jean Taylor is excited to announce her new book is now available

Focus for Direction - How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers



Launch Wed 3rd December 2014

Time: 7-9pm


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